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GHG Emissions  -  February 3, 2022

JetBlue and Salesforce Launch Sustainable Travel Program

JetBlue and Salesforce announced a new partnership that will leverage travel data and technology. The program will  include several options to help corporate travel customers reduce their business travel emissions and meet corporate sustainability targets. 

The airline is the first one to leverage Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to gain comprehensive insights into its emissions on the path to achieve net zero across its full value chain. Salesforce has joined JetBlue’s Sustainable Travel Partners program as an inaugural customer. Salesforce will also help compensate for its business travel emissions through the purchase of sustainable aviation fuel certificates from JetBlue. Following the implementation of Net Zero Cloud, JetBlue will make travel emissions data available to the airline’s sustainable travel partners so they can track, analyze and report reliable environmental data and take actions to achieve carbon neutrality.

Accessing real-time, granular, and insightful emissions data has historically been a pain point as we track and work toward our decarbonization targets,” said Sara Bogdan, Director Of Sustainability And Environmental Social Governance, Jetblue in a statement. “We are excited by the prospect of quickly compiling accurate and up-to-date emissions data in an easy-to-use format through the use of Net Zero Cloud.”

JetBlue has a previously announced 2040 net zero target.

Salesforce has set a goal of maintaining employee business travel emissions intensity below 50% of its FY20 baseline. The company, along with other inaugural customers, worked toward this goal by sourcing 325,000 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel in 2021. 

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