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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  February 18, 2022

Salesforce Launches Net Zero Cloud

Salesforce launched its Net Zero Cloud 2.0 globally to help organizations like Mastercard, Deloitte Germany, Uhuru, and MillerKnoll track GHG emissions to reach their climate goals of net zero emissions.

“I’m extremely proud that we will now officially count sustainability as a core value, making it part of everyone’s job at Salesforce,” said Suzanne DiBianca, Chief Impact Officer & EVP of Corporate Relations, Salesforce in a statement. “When we add a value we operationalize it in every area of the business. In this climate emergency, we need every organization to get to net zero as fast as possible. Now that Salesforce has reached net zero emissions, we want to use our technology and best practices to help organizations reach their climate goals, too.”

Net Zero Cloud 2.0 has been rebuilt to offer trusted reporting and supplier management for organizations so they know how to reduce emissions in a credible and meaningful way. With Net Zero Cloud 2.0, organizations can get sustainability insights with powerful Tableau CRM dashboards to achieve their climate goals and take action with:

  • Carbon Footprint Forecast: Organizations can find the fastest path to net zero with ‘what-if’ analysis to visualize progress and alignment to their climate action commitments.
  • Science-Based Targets: Setting goals in line with science-based targets and measuring progress. 
  • Supplier Management: Track Scope 3 emissions across the entire value chain and help suppliers and distributors reduce emissions.
  • Waste Data Management: Organizations can upload and track hazardous and non-hazardous waste management data and treatment methods like landfilled, composted, or combusted.

Several global companies are already using Net Zero Cloud to reach their climate goals, including Mastercard to gain comprehensive insights around the emissions of its suppliers, ISDI, the world’s first digital business school, to calculate the carbon footprint of each visitor to its Paris center based on the types of transportation used, length of hotel stay and energy use onsite,  digital transformation consulting services company Uhuru is tracking Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to educate its employees about decarbonization. Salesforce’s consulting partners including Accenture, KPMG, Orion Global Solutions, PwC, Slalom and Traction on Demand are actively implementing Net Zero Cloud for customers across industries. 

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