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Industrial, Solar  -  June 30, 2022

Yamaha Accelerates Carbon Neutrality Goal

Yamaha Motor announced the company will accelerate its carbon neutrality goal for its factories, including those that are overseas, to 2035 - a 15-year jump ahead of the original target of 2050. 

To achieve this new goal, the company will push initiatives centered on minimizing its energy use as well as relying on cleaner energy, according to a statement. The projected result of these moves by 2035 is a 92% reduction in CO2 emissions (compared to 2010) from production operations at domestic and international Yamaha Motor factories. 

The remaining CO2 emissions will be offset by internationally recognized methods to carry out the company’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality at all its factories.

Yamaha Motor plans to switch to Chubu Electric Power's Shizuoka Green Denki (zero-carbon hydroelectric power) at all facilities and worksites under the jurisdiction of the headquarters from July 2022. 

The company will gradually switch to carbon-free power use at other domestic and international group companies, targeting a complete global switch to carbon-free electricity by 2030

Yamaha Motor will also continue the installation of solar panels to increase the ratio of self-generated renewable energy sources.

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