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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Regulation  -  April 15, 2023

Weekend Reads: Newest Electric Vehicle Push; Rise of Hydrokinetic Energy

It's the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web:

The Nerd’s Guide to Biden’s Newest Electric Vehicle Push (Politico) The Biden administration’s newest push to get more Americans behind the wheel in electric vehicles rests on two granular pollution regulations that could transform the auto industry. Here’s what to know about the 1,475 pages of proposed rules that the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled Wednesday, requirements that agency chief Michael Regan said are meant to spur “innovation and creativity” from carmakers. 

Global Electricity Review 2023 (Ember) Ember’s fourth annual Global Electricity Review aims to provide the most transparent and up-to-date overview of changes in global electricity generation in 2022 and a realistic summary of how “on track” the electricity transition is for limiting global heating to 1.5 degrees. The report analyses electricity data from 78 countries representing 93% of global electricity demand and includes estimated changes in the remaining generation. It also dives deeper into the top ten CO2 emitting countries and regions, accounting for over 80% of global CO2 emissions.

WEBINAR: AI-based HAVAC Management for Real-World Results (Siemens) AI and analytics can be powerful tools in the overall management of your building when implemented with your goals in mind. Join Siemens experts to learn how cloud-based AI applications can optimize central air handling systems, working in tandem with your existing building automation equipment. Machine learning algorithms can now monitor and control key parameters to optimize operations based on your priorities. Real-world case studies will be presented that address the demands you face daily with handling excessive energy use, comfort control issues, and identifying and correcting operational issues. REGISTER HERE

These Laws Have Formed a Foundation to Fight Climate Change (World Economic Forum) A database compiled by the Grantham Research Institute at LSE and the Sabin Center at Columbia Law School puts the cumulative number of global climate laws and policies at 3,145. New rules and regulations keep cropping up; EU member states just approved a plan requiring that all new cars sold there must be emissions-free by 2035. It’s clear that more must be done to match current laws with the climate reality.

A Woman, A Plan, A Canal…Hydrokinetic Energy! (CleanTechnica) Hydrokinetic energy has been bubbling under the surface of the hydropower field, but the technology is finally beginning to catch on. If all goes according to plan, new hydrokinetic turbines will transform canals and other human-built waterways into power generating stations. Emrgy founder and CEO, Emily Morris, launched the hydropower startup Emrgy in 2014. It was soon scouted by the City of Denver’s public water supply agency, Denver Water, among others. 

Stronger Paper Bags, Reused Repeatedly Then Recycled for Biofuel Could Be Future (Penn State) As the world searches for ways to reduce the use of plastics such as single-use plastic bags, a novel study by Penn State researchers demonstrates a process to make paper bags stronger, especially when they get wet, to make them a more viable alternative. The study suggests a process for creating paper bags durable enough to be used multiple times and then broken down chemically by an alkaline treatment to be used as a source for biofuel production.

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