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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Regulation, Distributed Generation  -  April 29, 2023

Weekend Reads: 'Woke Police' vs. ESG, Cool Transportation Hacks

It's the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web:

The ‘woke police’ are coming for ESG — here’s why they should stand down (The Hill) The people we elect to solve problems in America have a rich assortment from which to choose. So why do some politicians make a big deal out of problems that don’t exist? Take the campaign against ESG. ESG refers to the environmental, social and good-governance policies that ensure investments don’t result in environmental damages, social inequity and other adverse consequences. Critics are on the warpath, especially on the far right.

EPA set to take on a major source of carbon pollution (Politico) The Biden administration is preparing to propose new rules cracking down on power plants’ greenhouse gases emissions as early as next week. The rules for coal-fired and natural gas plants represent the administration’s latest attempt to set limits on the power sector. The fate of these newest regulations will have a major impact on President Joe Biden’s ability to meet his promises to take on climate change.

WEBINAR: The 5 Energy Trends for 2023 and Beyond (Enel) Over the past several years, North American energy markets have shifted in response to significant global pressures. Climate change impacts and energy market volatility have prompted government and corporate actions that are creating unique new opportunities and catalyzing clean energy growth. To develop an optimal energy strategy for this year and beyond, organizations must understand the factors that will determine the future of the energy landscape. In this webinar, experts from Enel highlight the 5 critical trends that will shape the energy space and inform how organizations address energy costs, flexibility, resilience, and sustainability in 2023 and beyond. REGISTER HERE

With looming EV load spikes, PG&E, Duke, other utilities adopt new rate design and cost recovery strategies (Utility Dive) The transition to transportation electrification so critical to U.S. net zero emissions ambitions may depend on better utility strategies to manage vehicle charging. Electric vehicles were under 1% of U.S. light-duty vehicles in 2022, but were 7% of new vehicle sales. Most state policymakers are developing new policies and rate designs to support distributed energy resources, including EVs and charging infrastructure.

Cool Transportation Hacks Cities Are Using to Fight Climate Change (Scientific American) Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country—and accounts for 15 percent of emissions globally. So, transforming the way we get around is a crucial part of the effort to tackle the climate crisis. People and governments have recently been taking some encouragingly concrete steps in this direction with projects related to transit and city planning.

Company seeks first-time restart of shuttered nuclear plant (AP News) A company that tears down closed nuclear power plants wants to do in Michigan what has never been done in the U.S.: restore a dead one to life. Holtec Decommissioning International bought the Palisades Nuclear Generating Station last June for the stated purpose of dismantling it. But with support from Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and leaders in the Lake Michigan community where Palisades was an economic driver for 50 years, Holtec soon kicked off a campaign to bring the plant back.

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