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GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 17, 2023

Alternative Clean Fuels for Decarbonization: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) & Green Hydrogen

The urgent need to develop alternatives to fossil gas is underscored on a near-daily basis. To achieve ambitious decarbonization goals set forth by countries, states, municipalities and corporations, alternative fuels need to scale quickly. This report from Ameresco explores emerging alternatives to fossil gas including green hydrogen and biomethane, the latter of which is also known as renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG has the capacity to scale quickly, and it also has the potential to augment and support the development of green hydrogen.

Download this free paper to explore:

  • Current and future market prospects for RNG, including essential policy drivers
  • How RNG can complement and help drive the coming green hydrogen boom
  • Benefits and long-term implications of an RNG project
  • Lessons for RNG that can be drawn from the growth of solar & battery energy storage

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