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Commercial, Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  April 29, 2016

Kohl's breaks up tech giant club in new EPA rankings of largest green power users

Tech companies made up five of the top six slots on the U.S. EPA's most recent rankings of the largest green power users within the organization's green power partnership program. 

Intel Corp. topped the rankings, released April 25, with total annual green power usage of 3,107,050,000 kWh comprising solar and wind. The EPA notes that the usage figures are based on annualized partner contract amounts, not calendar year totals.

Runner up in the rankings, which are updated quarterly, was Microsoft Corp., which totaled 2,699,210,000 kWh comprising biogas, biomass, solar and wind. Both Intel and Microsoft's green power usage accounted for 100% of their total electricity use, according to the EPA program. 

The two leaders were followed by a retail name: Kohl's Department Stores; then came Cisco Systems Inc., followed by Google Inc. and Apple. Inc. Those companies' totals made up 109%, 97%, 36% and 100% of their total electricity use, respectively. 

Of the 100 partners listed in the rankings, which also include noncorporate entities such as the city of Houston, 37 organizations' totals hit or exceeded 100% of their total electricity use. 


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