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SABMiller lists 3.2-MW California solar array among carbon reduction tactics

Toward SABMiller plc's broader sustainability goals, the multinational brewing and beverage company has been keenly focused on its energy use over the past few years.

The result of those efforts — which include energy efficiency and water initiatives as well as renewable energy sourcing and working through its value chain to reduce carbon emissions — include cost savings of about $116 million globally from 2010 through 2016, the company said in its recent sustainability report. 

In North America, the company's MillerCoors subsidiary contributed to SABMiller's goals through its installation of a 3.2-MW capacity solar panel installation at its Irwindale, Calif., brewery that was intended to significantly increase its energy independence. At the time it was completed in early 2015, MillerCoors said the solar array was the largest installed at any brewery in the U.S.

The project, which broke ground in October 2014, helps offset electricity use on the local grid during periods of high demand. MillerCoors has also said it would also help further reduce the brewery’s traditional energy use, which had already decreased by more than 30% over the previous five years. The brewery also creates biogas from wastewater to power two GE Jenbacher engines, the company said. 

SABMiller's full sustainability report is available on its website

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