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Distributed Generation, Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 10, 2017

Taylor Farms completes largest solar project to-date

Photo of Taylor Farms Pacific's rooftop solar project provided by Taylor Farms. 

One of the largest producers of salads, fresh fruit and vegetables in North America on Oct. 10 announced the completion of its largest solar panel installation to date: a 2.3 MW project in Tracy, Calif.

Salinas, Calif.-based Taylor Farms said the rooftop installation of more than 8,000 solar panels at its Taylor Farms Pacific facility will supply 67% of its energy needs. Earlier this year, Taylor Farms announced the deployment of a unique,  cogeneration, wind and solar project at a separate California site. 

The company says it has invested in eight major projects in North America since 2012, including, solar, wind, fuel cells and cogeneration. Taylor Farms has installed five solar arrays at facilities in TexasTennessee and three facilities in California, which together generate 8.4 Million kWh/year. The company said it has dedicated sustainability resources to determine the best energy strategy for each location and pursue local incentives to make projects economically viable.

"I am thrilled to see yet another one of our sustainability projects come to fruition, and this is one of our most exciting projects to date" Taylor Farms Director of Sustainability Nicole Flewell said in a statement. "With each installation, whether solar, wind or cogeneration, we continue to add clean power to our facilities nationwide in the most sustainable manner possible."


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