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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  February 2, 2018

Tesla plans first truck charging stations

Tesla is partnering with Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo, and United Parcel Service Inc. to build on-site charging terminals at their facilities. These companies are among nine major corporations that have placed pre-orders for Tesla’s truck, called the Semi.

report from Reuters noted that details of the collaboration have not been disclosed, though Tesla will lead on design and engineering. The vehicle is expected to premiere next year.  "With questions swirling over whether Tesla can make good on its aggressive timetable, news of the collaboration is a sign that corporate customers are taking the effort seriously, and that Tesla is working to solve one of the biggest impediments: keeping the big-rigs powered," said Reuters.

As the Semis will be limited to routes that would get them back to home base before the batteries are spent, the first step for these partnering companies is to install charging equipment on their own premises. PepsiCo, which has reserved 100 Tesla trucks, said it may eventually explore sharing facilities and costs with other companies. Anheuser-Busch and UPS are considering similar plans.

Tesla is also moving ahead with plans for its own stations to sell electricity to truckers who pull up for a charge, reported Reuters. Tesla already operates more than 1,100 "supercharger" stations globally for drivers of its passenger cars.

However, Telsa’s ability to build a network of electric filling stations for commercial truckers is being questioned. Said Reuters, "The company is already stretched thin and burning cash. Some analysts and trucking executives doubt that Tesla can deliver the Semi in 2019, much less a vast charging infrastructure to support it."

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