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Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Industrial  -  March 7, 2018

Nissan and E.ON to partner on EV charging

Nissan and E.ON are forming a strategic partnership to explore opportunities in EV charging, vehicle-to-grid services and grid integration, decentralized energy generation, and storage solutions.

E.ON, a German energy group, said in a statement that the two companies will "pool their international expertise in the field of electric mobility and distributed energy generation and storage." The partnership is expected to leverage Nissan´s vehicle-to-grid infrastructure and advanced bi-directional charging technology with E.ON´s extensive experience in solar and storage solutions for home owners.

 The statement reveals that "the partners have already started this cooperation in Denmark where a customer receives a complete package consisting of a charging station for their home and benefits from an energy flat rate to charge their Nissan EV." The program is expected to expand to other European nations.

"We’re on a mission to break down every barrier to EV ownership," said Paul Willcox, chairman of Nissan Europe. "This exciting partnership with E.ON is another step on that journey. Our goal is for Nissan to be recognized as the go-to automotive partner for energy services, with the ultimate ambition to provide free electricity for our EV customers."

Karsten Wildberger, COO of E.ON, commented, "The partnership between Nissan and E.ON is driven by our desire to set the electric car free. We are committed to provide customers with innovative, integrated and sustainable energy products and services. Our partnership with Nissan is an important step towards this goal."


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