Commercial, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 16, 2018

Businesses and consumers “mutually reinforcing” relationship with energy

More businesses are being driven towards sustainability sourcing and are taking a leadership role in implementing clean energy solutions as a result of growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products and services, as well as by residential consumers’ interest in managing their own energy consumption.

This trend is among the results uncovered in the Deloitte Resources 2018 Study, which asked more than 600 U.S. businesses and more than 1,500 U.S. residential consumers about their attitudes and actions regarding energy management.

According to Deloitte, “The findings suggest that residential consumers and businesses are engaged in a mutually reinforcing relationship where residential consumers’ interest in reducing their carbon footprint—and in using digital technologies to help them do so—is leading many businesses to develop and deploy new tools for monitoring and reducing energy consumption, evolve their energy management policies and practices, explore expanding their use of renewable energy sources, and integrate their resource management programs more closely with their operations. And as businesses take these actions, residential consumers are watching and learning, and ultimately striving to do more to pursue greener energy practices. “

Seven in 10 businesses in the study said their customers expect them to procure at least part of their electricity load from renewable sources, while 48% of businesses said they are working to increase their usage of renewable sources. Other results show 59% of businesses surveyed saying they generate some portion of their electricity supply onsite, citing price certainty, diversification of energy supply, cost savings, and resiliency as the top reasons for doing so. 

To download a copy of the Deloitte Resources 2018 Study, click here.

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