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Sourcing Renewables  -  June 15, 2018

Smart Energy Decisions' Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum powered by RECs

Smart Energy Decisions' Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum, to be held June 18-20 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California, will be powered by renewable energy certificates supplied by ENGIE. The Green-e® certified RECs will offset 100% of the three-day event's anticipated energy consumption while helping to fund the development and operation of domestic sources of renewable energy. 

The announcement marks the second Smart Energy Decisions conference ENGIE has supported with RECs in 2018. The certificates supplied at each event represent the environmental attributes or benefits associated with a specific quantity of energy generated from a renewable source, such as wind or solar. 

Ken Cowan, vice president of Solutions Sales and Marketing at ENGIE North America, said, "As the demand for decarbonized energy continues to grow both nationally and globally, we are proud to demonstrate our ability to provide customers with a range of renewable products that support a more sustainable future.  Our supply of RECs to Smart Energy Decisions is one of many opportunities we are incorporating into environmentally responsible energy management solutions, and we're proud to support the Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum in this regard."

"We're honored to have the continued backing of ENGIE – a leader in the world's transformation to a low-carbon energy economy," said John Failla, founder and editorial director of Smart Energy Decisions. "Our aim at Smart Energy Decisions is to deliver the information and resources required to accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions.  ENGIE's position in the market complements that commitment as we work to drive change in support of the energy transition taking shape in today's power markets."

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