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Regulation, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  November 8, 2018

Apple reasserts environmental commitments

Speaking at the recent Web Summit in Lisbon, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s head of environmental, policy and social initiatives said, “At Apple, we supported and we continue to support the Paris climate agreement.”

A report by CNET says Jackson spoke of Apple's achievements with regard to the environment, including the company's use of 100 percent clean energy at all its facilities, its investment in clean energy in China and its pledge to try to switch its entire supply chain on renewable energy.

"With the right dedication, with your innovation, we can protect the plant and invest in our future all while running a successful business," said Jackson. "We can do well by doing good."

Jackson told the audience, “The air we breathe and the planet we leave to our children doesn't belong to any one party, it doesn't belong to any one ideology—it belongs to all of us, and governments should be the allies in our work, She added, "There is no conflict between a healthy planet and a healthy bottom line. "It's a false choice and one each one of us must reject."

 CNET noted, “It's unusual for Apple executives to take the stage at big European tech conferences. This month, however, two have done so in as many weeks,” as Tim Cook, Apple CEO appeared at a conference on privacy in Brussels. The report said, “Cook and Jackson's outspokenness underscores Apple's efforts to participate as discussions about regulation and the impact of US tech businesses in Europe heat up.”

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