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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables  -  July 11, 2019

Kimberly-Clark doubles down on GHG reduction target

After meeting its GHG reduction goal four years ahead of schedule by posting a reduction of 27% vs. a 2005 baseline, Kimberly-Clark announced it will double the target from the original 20% goal to a 40% reduction by 2022.

"We are three years into our ambitious Sustainability 2022 program, and I'm inspired by the impact we've made,” said Mike Hsu, CEO, Kimberly-Clark. "We've achieved some big goals, but we know that new challenges to the environment are emerging and consumers' expectations are shifting. We must continue to leverage our legacy of innovation to come up with new solutions to meet these needs," added Hsu, upon the release of the company’s 2018 Global Sustainability Report.

Kimberly-Clark's Sustainability 2022 strategy tracks its progress against five strategic sustainability pillars: Social Impact, Forests & Fiber, Waste & Recycling, Energy & Climate, and Supply Chain.

Kimberly-Clark noted the company's energy and climate goals were accelerated by a combination of LEAN energy, conservation, and alternative energy projects. LEAN Energy engages employees in a culture of conservation to execute process changes that optimize energy efficiency. Over the past three years, Kimberly-Clark has executed more than 400 energy conservation projects and deployed LEAN energy at 37 sites. The company implemented six alternative energy projects around biomass boilers, lower GHG emitting fuels and cogeneration. The electricity produced because of the company's virtual power purchase agreements with two wind farms in Texas and Oklahoma offset 99% of the electricity purchased by its Kimberly-Clark Professional manufacturing sites in the United States.

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