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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, CHP, Sourcing Renewables  -  November 22, 2019

Great Wolf Lodge to save $1.3 million from energy initatives

Great Wolf Lodge expects to see over $1.3 million in energy savings and a 10% reduction in carbon emissions within the first year of a new energy initiative being rolled out at locations across the country.

The family of indoor waterparks implemented building energy software, LED lighting improvements, HVAC upgrades and on-site electricity generation with a CHP unit at its Fitchburg, Mass., location and immediately began seeing savings on utility bills. With the help of Dalkia, a building energy solutions provider and member of the EDF Group, Great Wolf Lodge has now implemented similar efficiency improvements at an additional nine locations.

“Dalkia helped us take our decade-long commitment to sustainability and conservation to the next level,” Bob Holesko, Corporate Director of Engineering at Great Wolf Lodge, said in a statement. “Based on extremely positive results from their work across ten of our locations, we look forward to investing in additional energy-saving and carbon-cutting measures with Dalkia in the near future at our other lodges.”

Great Wolf Lodge was the first U.S. hospitality chain to earn Green Seal Certification for all its properties, thanks to 10 years of their Project Green Wolf, which focused on energy and resource conservation in daily operations.

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