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Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 8, 2020

Audi Australia commits to 100% RE starting next year

Audi Australia recently announced that it is committed to 100% renewable energy starting in 2021.

The announcement follows the release of Audi’s first all-electric vehicle, the Audi e-tron, in Australia. The automaker plans to primarily source the renewable energy credits to achieve their new target from the Capital Wind Farm precinct in Bungendore and intends to be accredited through GreenPower, a government program that audits electricity providers to ensure the correct amount of renewable energy is fed into the grid on behalf of a customer.

“Our 100 percent renewable energy commitment, as a business, is in-line with what we believe should be the expectation placed upon us as a leader in sustainable mobility,” Paul Sansom, managing director of Audi Australia, said in a statement. “We know it’s important to e-tron customers and our broader Audi customers, to the Australian communities in which we operate and ultimately the planet that will nurture and sustain and future generations. The arrival of our first electric vehicle, the Audi e-tron, makes this the right time for us to make such a commitment. It’s the beginning of our journey in zero-emissions motoring and we plan to build and develop our contribution in the years to come.”

Audi previously announced a target of being carbon neutral and ensuring all their sites worldwide are carbon neutral by 2025. The new e-tron vehicle was, for starters, produced at the world’s first certified carbon neutral premium automobile production plant, the Audi facility in Brussels. Audi intends to release as many as 30 electrified models by 2025.

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