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Solar  -  August 24, 2021

Rural Haiti Schools to Receive 6 kW Solar Installations

More than 100 schools in rural Haiti will soon be receiving solar power systems through a project sourcing PV modules from the U.S. solar supply chain.

Brighten Haiti will be installing 6 kW PV systems at each of the 109 schools through the program. The solar panels will provide electricity for powering a computer lab, efficient lighting, fans and other devices. 

The solar power systems will allow the schools to maintain better energy resilience during natural disasters like the earthquake that hit the country earlier this month.

Brighten Haiti sourced the materials for the execution of the project through the Solar Re-USE program and partnerships, leveraging the U.S. solar industry supply chain and technical knowledge. The program managed to source nearly 4,000 PV modules from U.S. solar companies.

“I'm thrilled we have found a way to install PV on schools in Haiti at a fifth the typical cost,” Kevin Keene, founder of Brighten Haiti, said in a statement. “The generosity of our solar partners has made it possible to install a 6kW system for about $6,000, where we would normally see that same system installed at about $30,000. That's $1 per watt, installed. And we are able to provide installation training giving people access to long-term solar jobs.”

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