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Solar  -  August 31, 2021

Bigelow Laboratory Covers 85% of Energy Needs with New Solar

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences recently announced that it is now powered by more than 90% renewable energy following the construction of a 3 MW solar farm.

The new solar farm, owned by SunRaise Investments, will provide 30% of its output to Bigelow Laboratory. The energy provided from the solar farm will cover 85% of Bigelow Laboratory’s electricity needs, saving $30,000 in energy costs.

The project was also made possible through the Maine Net Energy Billing Program, which offers commercial and industrial users access to renewable energy credits from community projects.

“Our research around the world makes it clear that climate change is the biggest threat facing our oceans,” Deborah Bronk, president and CEO of Bigelow Laboratory, said in a statement. “It’s exciting to have this opportunity to continue reducing our carbon footprint and walk the talk."

Bigelow’s research laboratory first achieved LEED Platinum status in 2017 after installing a 244-panel solar array on its campus. This year, it also added electric vehicle charging stations, which will now be 100% solar-powered.

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