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Sourcing Renewables  -  October 22, 2021

Air Force-Funded Project Generates Carbon-Free Jet Fuel

A renewable jet fuel project funded by the U.S. Air Force has succeeded in producing fossil-free jet fuel from carbon dioxide electrolysis, paving the way for use of such fuel in commercial and military aviation.

The company which received the funding, Twelve, announced Oct. 19 the production of its E-Jet fuel in partnership with Emerging Fuels Technology. The fuel will be able to serve as a drop-in replacement for petrochemical-based alternatives without any changes to existing plane designs or commercial regulations.

The project was conducted in partnership with the Air Force’s Operational Efficiency office through a joint contract with AFWERX and SBIR.

The process by which the fuel is generated also transforms CO2 into critical chemicals and materials usually found in fossil fuels, offering an alternative to biofuels. This process is powered by low-carbon electricity as well.

“One of our main goals with this project was to create a clean jet fuel that enhances security and energy independence without sacrificing operational readiness. The successful completion of the project proves that efficiency and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive,” Roberto Guerrero, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for Operational Energy, said in a statement.

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