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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  November 15, 2021

Milliken & Company Launches Carbon Neutral Flooring 

Milliken & Company announces its portfolio of flooring products is now carbon neutral, as all carpet, carbon neutral flooring carpet, luxury vinyl tile and entryway tile products will offset carbon emissions in raw materials and manufacturing carbon footprint using Verified Carbon Standard credits. 

“A healthy future requires a commitment to big goals and developing world-class expertise,” said Halsey Cook, president and CEO for Milliken & Company, in a statement. “By utilizing our materials science expertise across a range of industries, we can develop sustainable products. We can also ensure that we are doing our utmost to manufacture those products in a responsible manner. It will be collaborations and collective efforts that move the needle on sustainability.”

The company’s flooring business created M/PACT, a carbon-neutral initiative, the business commits to reductions in Milliken’s carbon emissions and waste output. 

“We are continuously working to remove unnecessary materials from our products, use recycled materials and reduce our dependence on oil,” said Jim McCallum, president, Milliken’s Flooring Business and executive vice president of Milliken & Company. “Our WellBac™ carpet products are Red List Free, containing no harmful chemicals, and all our flooring products have 100% transparency in materials to 100 ppm. We prioritize sourcing materials locally and manufacture our products regionally to decrease shipping distances.” 

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