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Commercial, Solar  -  March 17, 2022

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Installs Solar

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing, a provider of custom-engineered boiler solutions, announced the completion of a 209 kW solar panel installation at its Danbury, Connecticut facility. 

The solar panels generate approximately 70% of the building's usage and support the town of Danbury's grid when the plant is not in operation.

The solar panel implementation represents the next step in the company’s deployment of green energy solutions. In 2020, Preferred Utilities Manufacturing began utilizing Bio-Residual Oil to heat its 50,000 square-foot facility. Bio-Residual Oil (BRO) is a fuel that is made from an array of unexpected biological materials such as agricultural waste, animal fats and even recycled cooking oil. 

"The energy market needs equipment and expertise that leverage the use of renewable energy," said Dwayne Boulden, Preferred's Vice President of Finance in a statement. "Preferred takes a holistic approach to providing solutions, and adding solar to our building is a great demonstration of what we're able to do. We've upgraded our property, and we're investing in our community. And of course, we're saving money, too."

The solar panel array was installed in the facility's parking lot, which had the added benefit of creating a covered parking area. In the first few months since the solar panels went online, Preferred has generated 60,000 kW, saving $10,000 and the company anticipates that it will generate more than 200 MW each year, saving more than $30,000 annually.


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