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Microgrids, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  July 14, 2022

Pittsburgh International Airport Benefits From Microgrid

Pittsburgh International Airport saved $1 million in energy costs since launching a microgrid that is powered by natural gas and solar in July 2021.

The airport is now working on alternative fuel strategies and is considering doubling the number of solar panels.

Carbon dioxide emissions have been cut by about 8.2 million pounds per year, said Tom Woodrow, PIT’s SVP Engineering and Infrastructure Intelligence, according to a report from Blue Sky News, a publication of Pittsburgh International Airport.

 The microgrid’s 9,000 solar panels and five natural gas wells operate independently of the traditional grid, giving the airport more protection from outages and cyberattacks.

 “We’ve lowered our energy costs, we’ve lowered our carbon output and we have guaranteed ourselves resiliency and redundancy. That’s really important to an airport,” said CEO Christina Cassotis.


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