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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar  -  October 28, 2022

SEE Achieves Energy Intensity Reduction

SEE, an automated packaging solutions company, announced a reduction in its GHG intensity of 17.5% from a 2019 base year. The company generated 146,113 tons of CO2eq global Scope 1 CO2 emission and 285,848 tons of CO2eq global Scope 2 CO2 emissions during 2021.

The company, whose brands include CRYOVAC® and Sealed Air, is building a technical roadmap for its transition to net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2040, according to a statement. The roadmap will inform the actions taken to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiencies in operations, and find renewable energy opportunities for the company’s manufacturing facilities across the globe.

SEE installed 8,975 solar panels and a battery storage system to power 98% of the electricity used at its Madera, CA manufacturing facility. The company also invested in renewable energy credits, resulting in 16 SEE facilities being fully credited with 100% renewable energy as of December 31, 2021.

Details were provided in its Global Impact Report for reporting year 2021.



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