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Distributed Energy Resources, GHG Emissions, Solar  -  April 12, 2023

Nissin Foods Powers HQ With 100% Renewable Energy

Nissin Foods USA, the creator of Top Ramen® and Cup Noodles®, has pledged to contribute to environmental preservation and climate change solutions with new sustainability investments as part of its Earth Food Challenge 2030.

These investments include installing solar panels and EV charging stations at the company’s US headquarters in Gardena, California. This initiative will advance the company’s goal to reduce its overall environmental impact and minimize CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.

Specifically, the company completed the installation of a 276-kilowatt solar panel by SunGreen Systems to power 100% of the electricity for the corporate office and added six EV charging stations at the Gardena headquarters for employees with electric vehicles. 

In a statement, Michael Price, President and CEO at Nissin Foods USA, stated that making environmentally-considerate choices is at the core of the company’s culture: "The implementation of renewable energy solutions at our headquarters represents our progress toward achieving Nissin Foods' environmental targets and commitment to procuring 100% renewable electricity for business activities. Our employees care about the environment and we introduced EV charging stations as a way to support our employees investments. The installation of EV charging stations supports our greater green energy initiatives while also creating a corporate culture of making smart, environmentally-considerate choices personally and professionally to build a more sustainable future."

Nissan Foods established the Earth Food Challenge as a long-term environmental strategy designed to effectively use resources to build a sustainable society. The strategy’s key focus is the production of green electricity to mitigate the effects of climate change. These solar power solutions at the Gardena headquarters represent one of many green initiatives the company plans to unveil in the coming years to support its environmental goals.

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