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Commercial, Solar  -  April 25, 2023

CapMetro to Install Solar Canopy

CapMetro, a regional public transportation provider in Austin, Texas, will add solar canopies that will also serve as a mounting structure to enable hands-free overhead charging.

In 2021, the board of CapMetro approved the purchase of approximately 200 zero-emissions buses. The solar canopies will charge the battery electric transit buses.

HOLT Renewables will design and construct the canopy and collaborate with bp pulse. The locally funded project will cost $34 million.

“This project will be a gamechanger for our agency. We'll be able to get more of our zero-emissions buses out on the road to provide a quieter and more comfortable ride for our customers,” said Dottie Watkins, President and CEO of CapMetro, in a statement. “We look forward to this partnership with HOLT Renewables as we continue to expand our sustainability efforts across the Central Texas region.”

HOLT Renewables will design and construct a photovoltaic (PV) canopy system that will include 7,000 panels and 12 acres and use pantograph depot chargers, which are overhead chargers that connect to the vehicle’s battery.

CapMetro made a pledge to transition its bus fleet to zero emissions by 2035 and construction is scheduled to begin in Oct. 2023.

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