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GHG Emissions, Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 8, 2024

Institute of Contemporary Art Miami Buys RECs

The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami (ICA) announced it signed a five-year agreement to procure renewable energy certificates (RECs).

The agreement was signed with a subsidiary of ENGIE North America (ENGIE). 

The museum will buy the RECs from ENGIE's Priddy Wind Project in Mills County, Texas, to match 100% of the museum's forecast electricity consumption. 

As the first renewable energy agreement in Florida for ENGIE Resources, the collaboration demonstrates increasing interest for solutions in markets that are not yet open to retail power competition.

With this energy agreement, ICA Miami is matching 100% of its electricity consumption for the building and museum operations with project-specific Green-e® certified RECs that avoid the GHG emissions of 1,352 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

"ICA Miami has long been committed to adopting best practices for sustainability and reducing the museum's carbon footprint. Our alliance with ENGIE not only supports the museum's ongoing sustainability efforts, but also contributes to an emerging renewable energy solution that is not yet prevalent in South Florida. We are excited to be a part of bringing these kinds of solutions to our community and to continue expanding on this work," said Alex Gartenfeld, ICA Miami Irma and Norman Braman artistic director, in a statement

Industrial Energy of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, served as an advisor on the agreement.

Green-e® RECs are certified by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Certification ensures that RECs are properly accounted for and that no double-counting takes place.

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