Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Accounting for U.S. Renewable Energy Guidance, For Accounting and Reporting Renewable Electricity - Smar

Guidance: GHG accounting for renewable energy

Type: Research Study
Categories: GHG Emissions, Regulation, Commercial, Finance, Regulation
Date Published: 1/9/2015
Author: By Todd Jones
Source: Center for Resource Solutions
Primary Topic: Regulation

This report from the Center for Resource Solutions outlines recently issued guidance from the World Resources Institute, or WRI, guidance for greenhouse gas accounting and reporting for renewable energy in North America. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a joint initiative of WRI and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, or WBCSD, released requirements under its Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard for reporting of Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heat and cooling in January 2015.

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