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Case study: How the National Aquarium is championing energy management

Type: Research Study
Categories: Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Procurement, Power Prices, Solar
Date Published: 9/26/2016
Author: By Constellation
Source: Constellation
Primary Topic: Demand Management

This case study presented by Constellation outlines how the team helped the National Aquarium in Baltimore develop an energy management strategy that promotes efficiency and conservation. 

As an organization committed to caring for thousands of creatures, the National Aquarium in Baltimore understands the importance of conservation. Nearly everything from the silverware in its cafes to its harbor footbridge — made with nearly 100,000 plastic milk jugs—is reusable or made with
recycled materials. 

So, in 2014 when Constellation and the National Aquarium announced a new, 25-year competitive electricity supply agreement that helps the Aquarium better manage energy costs and encourage the development of renewable power in Maryland, Constellation decided to take a deeper dive into the energy strategies that are powering the Aquarium's award-winning aquatic exhibits, spanning everything from LED lighting deployments to solar generation. 

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