Constellation customer completes $1M in efficiency upgrades - Smart Energy Decisions

Case study: Custom coating company deploys $1M in energy efficiency upgrades

Type: Case Study
Categories: Energy Efficiency, Energy Procurement, Industrial, Power Prices
Date Published: 11/7/2016
Source: Constellation
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

This case study, presented by Constellation, outlines how the team helped an Illinois-based powder coating and E-coating industry veteran implement $1 million in energy efficiency upgrades with no upfront capital investment.

As part of Constellation's "Energy Made Easy" program, B.L. Downey Company upgraded its equipment, adding automated oven controls to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of its production while reducing energy usage. The project significantly reduced the company's electricity and natural gas usage, resulting in the elimination of four million pounds of carbon emissions from its footprint each year.

Check out the full customer profile to learn more. 

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