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Home Depot's multidimensional renewables strategy

Type: Case Study
Categories: Commercial, Demand Management, Distributed Energy Resources, Commercial, Finance, Solar, Sourcing Renewables, Wind
Date Published: 6/27/2017
Source: Edison Energy
Primary Topic: Sourcing Renewables

This case study, presented by Edison Energy, powered by Altenex, details the multidimensional approach The Home Depot has adopted to accelerate its use of renewable energy across its portfolio of more than 2,200 retail locations. 

The Home Depot, which has retail locations across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Mexico and multiple U.S. territories, has implemented both onsite and offsite renewable energy projects, announced a public renewable energy target and has established an internal process to allow it to efficiently execute new opportunities as they emerge in the market. 

Download this four-page case study below to learn more. 


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