Retail energy management report 2017 - Smart Energy Decisions

RILA's 2017 retail energy management industry report

Type: Research Study
Categories: Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency
Date Published: 7/1/2017
Source: Retail Industry Leaders Association
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

This report from the Retail Industry Leaders Association looks at how a variety of companies in the retail industry have adopted energy management practices.

The objective of this report is to act as a snapshot of the industry’s energy management practices. RILA says the report is meant to "help you understand the core components of a retail energy management program, benchmark against other retailers and
find resources to help improve your own energy program."

The study is a result of a survey sent to 44 retail companies in March 2017, in which the retailers were asked about their energy teams and the progress they had made in 23 dimensions of energy management. Download the 43-page report to learn more. 

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