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Case study: Lighting + controls with a 3-year payback

Type: Case Study
Categories: Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency
Date Published: 1/5/2018
Source: Energy Management Collaborative
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

This case study, presented by EMC, details the implementation of an energy saving LED lighting retrofit and relamping project at Allina Health's Cambridge Regional Medical Center in Minnesota.

With broader objectives that included the reduction of operating expenses while optimizing patient care conditions and reducing the carbon footprint of Allina's facilities, the health care company has partnered with EMC to deploy similar projects across a number of its facilities.

The Cambridge Regional Medical Center, which provides comprehensive health care services to more than 30,000 residents in the area, is comprised of a large multi-specialty clinic and an 86-bed hospital located on one large campus. A same day clinic, retail pharmacy and eye care center are also located in the facility. Download the case study below for the details about the project's cost, utilized rebates, total energy savings and payback period.


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