Innovation Summit Presentation: Lockheed Martin of 2025 - Future of Energy Management

Type: Presentation
Categories: Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage
Date Published: 5/3/2019
Source: Lockheed Martin
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

"If our machines use less energy, will we just use more of them?" That's the question asked by Devan Tracy, senior energy engineer at Lockheed Martin, in the opening of her presentation at Smart Energy Decisions' 2019 Innovation Summit.

Tracy shared ideas to ensure that this concept, called Jevons paradox, doesn't become a reality. "One such strategy, from my point of view, is to be more conscious with the data that you have access to in your facilities today," she explained. As the company optimizes its manufacturing operations with technology of the fourth industrial revolution, energy is a natural part of that process. 

Download this presentation to learn about Lockheed Martin's view of the future of energy management and to discover why facilities is core to their digital transformation strategy. 


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