A look at this summer's Texas electricity market

Type: White Paper
Categories: Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial
Date Published: 6/10/2019
Source: NRG Energy
Primary Topic: Demand Management

Summer heat, rising demand, and tightening supply increase the price risk for electricity consumers this summer. This white paper from NRG Energy shows both the challenges and opportunities for Texas businesses as a hot summer can encourage refocused energy planning for a smart energy future.

This white paper presents both sides of the energy equation:

1. How the marketplace is shaping up for the season and, specifically, how rising demand and changing supply could result in a market defined by "scarcity pricing."

2. How businesses can adjust their strategy for this summer and beyond through a deep-rooted knowledge of how they use energy and a shift to risk-avoiding energy plans and tactics.

Download this white paper to explore opportunities for savvy energy customers:



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