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U.S. Offshore Windpower Economic Impact Assessment

Type: White Paper
Categories: Commercial, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables, Wind
Date Published: 3/16/2020
Source: American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
Primary Topic: Wind

The U.S. offshore wind industry is set to deliver significant economic benefits over the next decade, according to the new report, U.S. Offshore Wind Power Economic Impact Assessment, released by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). In addition to providing clean, affordable, and reliable power, AWEA estimates that developing 30,000 MW of offshore wind along the East Coast could support up to 83,000 jobs and deliver $25 billion in annual economic output by 2030. 

Market projections anticipate 20,000 to 30,000 megawatts (MW) of offshore wind capacity will be operational by 2030, representing up to $57 billion of investment in the U.S. economy. The offshore wind industry is poised to build on the massive growth experienced by its land-based counterpart. 

Download the report to explore new opportunities set to be created by the rapid expansion of offshore wind:


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