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Report: 2020 State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America

Type: White Paper
Categories: Commercial, Demand Management, Industrial
Date Published: 3/25/2020
Source: CPower
Primary Topic: Demand Management

Last year, nearly 2,000 organizations nationwide downloaded the State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America book by CPower’s energy experts. This year, CPower picks up where they left off with a market-by-market analysis of the issues, trends, and regulations organizations like yours should understand in 2020 to make better decisions about your energy use and spend.

Download the 2020 State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America to explore answers to these questions:

  • How have the recent wildfires in California affected the Golden State’s drive to clean, renewable energy?
  • What did Texas learn from an August that featured the state’s first demand response events in almost five years? 
  • How is MISO positioned to meet the future of energy that includes a combination of both regulated and deregulated energy regions? 
  • The Reforming Energy Vision is entering its sixth year. How is New York faring in meeting its Governor’s lofty ambitions? 
  • Fuel security is New England’s most pressing concern. What market designs are in store to alleviate those concerns? 
  • PJM has officially become a year-round only demand response market. What is zonal aggregation and how can it help PJM organizations participate in demand response on their terms?     

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