2020 Corporate Energy and Sustainability Progress Report - Smart Energy Decisions

2020 Corporate Energy and Sustainability Progress Report

Type: White Paper
Date Published: 6/3/2020
Source: Smart Energy Decisions

For anyone involved in the energy and sustainability industry back in 2010, 2020 is hardly recognizable. Changes over the past decade were seismic and the new decade—starting with the global response to the current pandemic—holds even more in store. Disruption is expanding the role of energy managers, digital innovations are transforming programs, and bold commitments are preparing organizations for an uncertain future.

Schneider Electric, in partnership with GreenBiz Research, surveyed over 260 energy and sustainability professionals to assess the state of the market. Explore the 2020 Corporate Energy & Sustainability Progress Report to make sense of the moment, gain insights into how market dynamics and current events will shape the next decade for energy and sustainability, and use 5 expert action steps to unlock opportunities for your organization.

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