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Shape-shifting: Why a turbine’s shape is your most important asset

Type: White Paper
Categories: Distributed Energy Resources, Sourcing Renewables, Wind
Date Published: 8/24/2020
Source: Vestas, Steelhead
Primary Topic: Wind

In today’s highly competitive and wind-saturated markets, some turbines have an overlooked advantage potentially worth over $10 million on a standard wind belt project. In this white paper, Vestas explains how the shape of a turbine’s production—how much energy it produces at which wind speeds—can drastically impact the average price of the electricity it generates.

This is especially true in wholesale markets with a high proportion of wind production. While developers tend to compare turbine models using cost of energy, they often neglect the value of the energy these turbines produce. This paper dives into production shape and its importance in wind markets, how it affects the value an off-taker extracts from a PPA contract, and why most developers fail to consider shape when selecting turbines.

Download the white paper to learn why not all turbines are created equal: 


Tags: Vestas

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