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Case Study: Meeting Building Energy Performance Standards at The Westory

Type: Case Study
Categories: Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Regulation
Date Published: 3/31/2023
Source: Better Buildings
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

Redevelopments to The Westory office building – originally opened in 1906 - expanded its footprint beyond limits set by Washington, D.C.'s Building Energy Performance Standard (BEPS). This Better Buildings case study outlines the challenges to reaching these standards, including a 20% energy reduction, implementing cost-effective energy efficiency measures, and reaching or exceeding the D.C. median ENERGY STAR score of 71 for office buildings.

The building’s owner selected the Performance Pathway to achieve BEPS compliance. This involved an energy audit and the implementation of cost-competitive energy conservation measures, resulting in the building’s ENERGY STAR® score increasing by 7 points from 53 to 60. With these positive results, ownership decided to enroll in energy performance consulting. Key attributes were crucial to the project's success, including ownership-driven goals to enhance sustainable practices, stakeholder engagement, and investment in upgrading building systems paired with improving energy-focused operations.

Download the case study to learn more about how The Westory met Washington's building energy performance standard:


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