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International Energy Outlook 2023

Type: White Paper
Categories: Commercial, Distributed Energy Resources, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Hydro, Solar, Sourcing Renewables, Wind
Date Published: 10/11/2023
Author: By U.S. Energy Information Administration
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

The U.S. Energy Information Administration's International Energy Outlook 2023 (IEO2023) explores long-term energy trends across the world through 2050. Since the last IEO two years ago, IEO2021, the global energy system has evolved against a backdrop of new energy policies, the transition to zero‐carbon technologies, energy security concerns, and economic and population growth. 

The IEO2023 presents long-term projections of world energy supply and demand, models projections of energy markets through 2050 and explores a variety of different assumptions about economic growth, world oil prices, and technological innovation.

To learn more about these key projections and global insights, download the U.S. Energy Information Administration's IEO2023 here:


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