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CEMEX teaches old cement plant new tricks

... product." its facilities and equipment," Dr. Hugo Bolio, CEMEX USA's executive vice president of cement ope...itment to producing a high-quality product."  Read More...

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CEMEX targets 35% emissions cut by 2030

... better future for all of our stakeholders.”... net-zero concrete by 2050. Additionally, in 2019 CEMEX achieved an alternative fuels rate of 28%, w... better future for all of our stakeholders.” Read More...

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CEMEX to reduce European emissions 55% as 2020 goal is met

...ears ahead of the CEMEX global 2030 target.”...earlier this year. Other initiatives include CEMEX’s conversion of fossil fuel use to alt...t this milestone in Europe ten years ahead of the CEMEX global 2030 target.” Read More...

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CEMEX Joins Carbon Neutrality Coalitions

... Conference of the Parties scheduled for A. González said in a statement. “CEMEX’s commitment to Climate Action runs de... Conference of the Parties scheduled for November. Read More...

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CEMEX to Turn CO2 Into Sustainable Aviation Fuel

...he first carbon-neutral cement plant in the world....sustainable aviation fuel.This project is part of CEMEX's Future in Action program to reduce its car...o a circular economy and an integral component of CEMEX’s master plan to develop a carbon neut Read More...

CEMEX UK Plant to Operate on Alternative Fuels

...ition of delivering net zero CO2 concrete by 2050....uld otherwise go to landfills.By the end of 2022, CEMEX is expected to achieve a 40% reduction in ca...2030. With the investment at Rugby’s plant, CEMEX in Europe is expected to achieve 70% alterna Read More...

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Cemex to Reduce Road Transportation Emissions

... transport purchases zero emissions by 2030. ...ach built on innovation,” said Juan Romero, CEMEX Executive Vice President of Sustainability, ...e the solutions needed to achieve net-zero.”CEMEX has a 2030 Scope 3 goal to reduce transport Read More...

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CEMEX Submits 2050 Goals to SBTi  

...hould account for most of its sales by 2025. ...member of the SBTi’s Expert Advisory Group, CEMEX has now aligned its Future in Action goals t...andard and submitted them for review by the SBTi. CEMEX will also establish 2030 and 2050 targets fo Read More...

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CEMEX Emission Goals Approved by SBTi  

...hey can also be part of the solution.” Scope 1, 2, and 3 targets.A concrete producer, CEMEX,  accelerated its decarbonization effor...,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of CEMEX, in a statement. “We are committe Read More...

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CEMEX to Decarbonize Cement Production

...s to maximize heat transfer to the raw cement mix....roduction.Solar MEAD is a joint project headed by CEMEX, Sandia National Laboratories, and Synhelion...ker production, the key component in cement. CEMEX and Synhelion have been collaborating to int Read More...

CEMEX Buys Electric Concrete Mixer Truck

...ts goal of being a net-zero company by 2050. ...dy-mix plant in Berlin starting this month.“CEMEX is committed to becoming a net-zero CO2 comp...,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of CEMEX in a statement. “Our partnership with Read More...

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Cemex Reaches 1,000 Lower-Carbon Truck Milestone

...dvance net-zero transportation technologies. ...,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of Cemex, in a statement. “At the same time, we...-zero CO2 company by 2050.”Earlier in 2023, Cemex announced that Volvo Trucks provided the com Read More...

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Cemex Partners for Decarbonization Projects

...ecific CO2 emissions by 13% and 12%, respectively....sis of the potential of decarbonization levers at Cemex's Balcones cement plant in Texas to accelera...ership with the Bezos Earth Fund.MPP is assisting Cemex in evaluating various pathways at the produc Read More...

Cemex Adopts RNG in California

... responsible stewardship for generations to come."...-clean renewable natural gas (RNG) to power 39 of Cemex US’s ready-mix and cement bulk trucks ...vider of clean fuel for the transportation market.Cemex’s fleet will utilize Clean Energy&rsqu Read More...

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