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In strategic energy management, efficiency 'just the beginning,' EDF says in 1st-of-its-kind report

Energy management has come a long way in the past decade. Just how far — and what the road ahead might look like — are the subject of a new report from the Environmental Defense Fund chronicling almost a decade of hands-on experience within energy management programs across hun Read More...

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Comcast data centers set for massive energy use cuts

The culmination of three summers hosting fellows from the Environmental Defense Fund's Climate Corps program, Comcast Corp. is now equipped with a plan to significantly reduce the energy use and carbon dioxide emissions at its data centers and other facilities. Building on the work of Read More...

How to work smarter, not harder: Goals help companies get strategic about climate change

It's no secret that companies use goals to push their businesses in a positive direction. Whether it's about creating more value or reducing impacts, goals provide focus, direction and a sense of urgency. Recently, a wave of corporate, climate-related goals, such as renewable energy and emissions-re Read More...
Author: Liz Delaney
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