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Primer on Organizational Use of Energy Management and Information Systems

Energy Management and Information Systems, or EMIS, are a broad family of tools and services used to manage building energy use. EMIS include benchmarking and monthly utility tracking tools; energy information systems; equipment-specific fault detection and diagnostic systems; building automati Read More...

Top 10 Energy Smart Tips for Existing Building Upgrades

This is a one-pager that identifies 10 general tips for increasing building energy efficiency.

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Existing building energy efficiency becomes multibillion-dollar industry

Most new construction today is done with some degree of energy efficiency in mind. While many new buildings use state-of-the-art technology in their HVAC systems, windows and other components, upgrades to existing buildings are needed in order to make a large-scale impact on energy consump Read More...

Energy efficiency in existing buildings must be addressed; here’s how

Large commercial buildings in the U.S. address only 2% percent per year of the net present value-positive investments in efficiency available to them, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article written by the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Iain Campbell and Koben Calhoun. Read More...

Filling the gap: How efficiency standards could save billions in commercial real estate

No one ignores an opportunity to save billions of dollars. Numbers of that size are enough to make an audience take notice, even in a business like commercial real estate, where deals in the hundreds of millions and billions are commonplace.Each year, the U.S. spends more than $400 billion on energy Read More...

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