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Shopify pledges to purchase 15,000 tons of carbon removal

...hrough Climeworks’ Orca facility in Iceland....s scale once the facility is operational in 2024. Shopify has agreed to purchase 10,000 tons of CO2 ...ning fossil fuels,” Stacy Kauk, director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, said in a sta Read More...

How to Kick-Start the Carbon Removal Market: Shopify's Playbook

...earch and performance templates to follow:Download...rt, "How to Kick-Start the Carbon Removal Market: Shopify's Playbook" the company opens up its noteb...earch and performance templates to follow:Download Read More...

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Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, Stripe Join Carbon Removal Commitment

Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, and Stripe will partner with McKinsey Sustainability as part of an eight-year $925 million commitment to accelerate the development of permanent carbon removal technologies by guaranteeing future demand. The joint effort, called Frontier, is an advanced market commitmen Read More...

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