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Unilever nabs biogas contract to power 5 UK sites a goal to become carbon positive by 2030, Unilever recently signed a contract to use biogas ... thereby significantly reducing carbon emissions, Unilever said in a news release. The biogas deal, ...l from energy sources. The biomethane, which Unilever said is fully traceable and certified, is Read More...

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Wal-Mart among corporate supporters of Missouri bill to allow power purchase agreements

...p;Thus far, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Wal-Mart, Unilever, General Mills, Target and Nestle have signed a letter supporting the PPA bill during this legislative session, and the Missouri Energy Consumers Group, an alliance of large electricity customers, is also supporting it, accord Read More...

HP, IKEA, Unilever among 1st EV100 members corporations including HP Inc., Ikea Group and Unilever on Sept. 10 became the first to join a ne...EV charging for its staff and consumers, and Unilever and Heathrow Airport have ...n as part of their corporate sustainability plans. Read More...

Apple, IKEA, Tesla among climate policy leaders

...he list bi-annually. ... on a global basis was highlighted in the report. Unilever was lauded for the involvement of Paul Po...eMap expects to update the list bi-annually.  Read More...

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Unilever achieves 100% RE ahead of 2020 goal a reduction in total energy consumption by 28%.Unilever, a producer of food and beverages, centers, warehouses and distribution centers.Unilever sources 38% of its renewable energy from ...tricity supply is linked to the purchase of RECs. Unilever’s target is to be fully carbon neut Read More...

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Unilever launches €1 billion climate fund across brands

...s, and through direct action by our brands.”...nt will come from a collective effort from all of Unilever’s brands. Some of their brands have...pport of sustainable farming practices.Currently, Unilever is pursuing their science-based targets o Read More...

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Microsoft releases new climate initiatives with partner companies

...edes-Benz AG, Microsoft, Natura & Co., Nike, Starbucks, Unilever and Wipro. The Transform to Net Zero participants will focus on sharing info about how they are individually working toward net-zero emissions by 2050, reducing emissions across their value chains and engaging policymakers to incen Read More...

Unilever to invest in fossil fuel removal from cleaning product chemicals

...h research through projects in Slovakia and India....formulations and packaging. The chemicals used in Unilever’s cleaning and laundry products mak...e product formulations to be reduced by up to 20%.Unilever has been pursuing such changes in order t Read More...

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Microsoft, Unilever, Neste join The Climate Pledge

...argeting a 100% shift to renewable energy by 2030....nce, Harbour Air, ITV, Microsoft, Neste, Rubicon, Unilever and Vaude. With their participation, The major energy company to sign the Pledge, while Unilever is targeting a cut in half of its emissio Read More...

Unilever Launches Program to Tackle Supplier Emissions

...ers, warehouses and distribution centers globally....n centers globally....ress by sharing emissions and footprint data with Unilever. The program will focus mainly on engagin Read More...

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Danone, HP, Unilever Lead CDP A List for Climate Change

...e, HP Inc., L’Oreal, Philip Morris International, and Unilever plc. In total 14 companies achieved this triple A score, an increase on last year’s record of 10.The non-profit that operates a global environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states, and regions. A total of 200 Read More...

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Unilever Piloting  Warmer Ice Cream Freezers 

...sions across Unilever’s value chain by 2039....t industry standard in many markets of -18°C, Unilever’s ambition is to move the temperatu...issions.If the two pilot programs are successful, Unilever will work to ‘warm up’ its la Read More...

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