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Keys to building a solid business case for an energy management system

To be presented on 04/11/19 

Still on the fence about purchasing an Energy Management Information System to manage resource data? The time to act is now. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an organization will see on average 4% reduction in energy use one year after installing an EMIS and an average of 19% in savings after 4 years.

You’ll walk away with a free ROI calculator to find your potential savings and creative ideas for getting budget for your next energy reduction project.

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Shifting Risk and Driving Guaranteed Outcomes with Energy as a Service

To be presented on 04/25/19

This session will shed light on how ENGIE is redefining Energy as a Service and share the custom approach to guaranteeing three key outcomes. ENGIE will explore market trends and showcase Energy as a Service in action, including a close look at The Ohio State University.

 We will revisit this 50-year integrated solutions agreement, and explore the payment structure, financing, services, and guarantees which drive the $1.15B partnership.

 Learn how your organization can free up resources to support your core mission while ensuring you achieve your energy and sustainability targets.

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