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The State of Energy Management 2019

Presented on 12/17/19

Smart Energy Decisions conducted the 2019 State of Energy Management survey and collected 209 responses in order to understand:

  • The key drivers for energy management programs
  • The major barriers to successful energy management
  • Tools, processes, and best practices utilized by the industry
  • Opportunities to continue to modernize energy management

Join our expert panel discussion that will interpret the major takeaways to better prepare you for 2020 and beyond.  Nate Nilles, Vice President of BuildingOS will introduce the idea of “modern energy management” and we'll hear case studies on specific Modern Energy Management stories.

Tune in to this webinar as we review the results and discuss current trends, industry best practices, and the opportunities for driving the industry towards modern energy management as we head into 2020.

All attendees will receive a FREE copy of this exclusive report.

Listen to the webinar replay here

A new framework to quantify PPA risk and value: What corporate power buyers need to know

Presented on 11/14/19

In this new world awash in low-priced renewables and ever-expanding corporate clean energy targets, it's increasingly important that power buyers understand how to evaluate offsite PPA contract economics.

To date, PPA value assessment methodologies have largely fallen into two categories. One approach, where a buyer places faith in a vendor’s forward power curve, is overly simplistic; these curves have historically overstated value, leading buyers to ignore underlying market drivers and to under-appreciate the range of potential PPA outcomes. Conversely, the second approach is overly complex. Here, a vendor builds a large “black box” production cost model, long on precision but likely short on accuracy and insights. 

Both models lead buyers to select PPAs without fully appreciating which factors drive value, where the risk truly resides, and how to compare risk and value to identify the best available transaction. 

Fortunately, assessing value and risk isn’t rocket science. In this webinar, hear experts from LevelTen Energy and Energy GPS set the record straight about how to quantify market risk embedded in every PPA. You’ll learn about a comprehensive, state-of-the-art valuation framework that accounts for the interplay between three simple, but important, wholesale market concepts:

  • Natural gas price
  • Heat rate
  • Renewable shape risk

How do you find the best PPA in the market and improve your odds of procuring renewable energy safely? Join us and find out.

Listen to the webinar replay here

Why Reliability, Sustainability, and Resiliency are changing the way we think about Demand Response

Presented on 11/14/19

Demand Response has evolved dramatically in just the last few years from a mechanism of simply “turning things off” to being an integrated component of grid design and customer-centric controls over energy costs and supply needs. Integrated management of demand is becoming a more accurate perspective in today’s energy landscape.

Today, demand response and demand management are key components of the three pillars that make up the foundation of the modern energy grid: Reliability, Resiliency, and Sustainability.  

This webinar will discuss the importance demand-side energy management has in the rationale, design, and execution associated with these three components and how your organization can create not only benefit from financial opportunities, but realize stronger corporate citizenship, better grid reliability, and sustainable practices for future generations.

Topics will include:

  • Reliability issues of today and the future
  • Increased need and desire to be resilient
  • Driving toward a sustainable energy grid

Listen to the webinar replay here

EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH: 2019 State of Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing

Presented on 11/07/19

Smart Energy Decisions’ 3rd annual Renewable Energy Sourcing Study defines the evolving market for corporate renewable energy sourcing. 

A total of 110 organizations are included in the survey results, providing data from a cross-section of large electric power users from commercial, industrial, institutional and government organizations.

Exemplifying the evolution of the market Walmart’s Senior Manager of Renewable Energy, Matt Dodson will share his insights on Walmart’s renewable energy journey and details on their recent deals.

Topics explored in the webinar from this exclusive research include:

  • Plans of first-time buyers entering the market
  • The growing importance of sustainability targets as a driver
  • Expanding procurement options
  • Current obstacles to getting started

Wherever your company is on the RE journey – from new buyers entering the market to experienced early adopters expanding their renewable energy portfolio – you’ll gain useful insights from this important webinar.

Webinar attendees will be able to:

  • Identify what stage they are at in their journey and benchmark their progress
  • Understand key drivers and barriers to renewable energy sourcing
  • Explore new methods of procurement
  • Learn from Walmart’s experience in renewable energy sourcing
  • Ask questions of the presenters

Listen to the webinar replay here

 The Three Energy Tradeoffs and How to Have it All

Presented on 10/30/19

Today businesses depend on energy more than ever.  There are more energy choices available to organizations, ranging from the electric grid to a variety of onsite generation sources. These options come with trade-offs between sustainability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that will impact how it will ultimately deliver value to a business.

Bloom Energy has created a new paradigm by which delivered power can be clean, reliable, and cost-effective with onsite, combustion-less fuel cell technology. These solutions have been employed in more than 600 installations around the globe.

Join Bloom Energy in a conversation with the National Hockey League's San Jose Sharks on how they navigated different energy options and found a way to power the iconic SAP Center while producing a cleaner environment for the community. 

In this session,  you will learn:

  • Energy-driven risks faced by businesses today
  • The current technology options available
  • How a fuel cell works and provides clean, reliable, cost-effective power
  • In-depth understanding of how the San Jose Sharks evaluated power needs for the SAP Center

Listen to the webinar replay here

 Delivering Sustainable Energy through Sustainable Partnerships  

Presented on 10/17/19

As a growing number of commercial and industrial companies are setting sustainability goals and committing to renewable energy, having like-minded partners is increasingly important when navigating this journey. More than a power purchase contract, the right partner can support and co-create sustainability initiatives well beyond contract execution and throughout the life of the partnership. 

For more than 50 years, Enel has brought progress to people around the world, from the introduction of the first smart meter to becoming the world's largest producer of renewable energy. Included in Fortune’s prestigious “Change the World” list, Enel continues to create shared value in the communities where it operates and often alongside its customers.

Wynn Resorts, one of Enel Green Power’s 13 commercial and industrial partners in North America and over 20 worldwide, puts sustainability at the forefront of their business and Enel is happy to support them in their journey.

Join Erik Hansen, Chief Sustainability Officer at Wynn Resorts, Marcus Krembs, Director of Sustainability at Enel North America, and Greg Rizzo from Enel Green Power’s Commercial Office to learn more about:

  • How Enel Green Power incorporates sustainability into all areas of its business.
  • How establishing long term partnerships can benefit commercial and industrial companies on their sustainability journeys.
  • A successful sustainability project example with Wynn Resorts.

Listen to the webinar replay here

Why Finance Should Lead Sustainability Efforts 

Presented on 09/05/19

The role of CFOs and Finance Leadership in energy and sustainability decisions has been changing in recent years, as new stakeholders and solutions opportunities emerge.

ENGIE North America has confirmed this with a recent market research survey of over 100 C-Level Executives of Fortune 1000 companies. Tune in to Smart Energy Decisions and ENGIE’s webinar to find out the results of our market research study.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the role of CFOs and finance leadership is changing with energy decisions
  • Which new stakeholders have emerged to influence sustainability strategies
  • How green finance and sustainability affects corporate finance departments
  • Explore how new contracting mechanisms can reduce risk in energy operations

Listen to the webinar replay here

Energy and Manufacturing Productivity — Ideas for sustaining balance in the US industrial sector in 2019 and beyond 

Presented on 08/22/19

 2019 marks the tenth straight year of growth in the US economy. The US industrial manufacturing sector is expected to produce hefty performance numbers in line with those it has posted during its successful run in recent years.

While times are currently good for US manufacturing, the sector’s current and projected energy spends over the coming decade are cause for concern.

In this webinar, CPower’s experts discuss the energy-related issues affecting the US manufacturing industrial sector and explore demand-side energy management options aimed to help manufacturers offset soon-to-be rising energy costs without sacrificing their productivity.

You will learn:

  • How changes to energy prices and economic factors may impact revenues in the manufacturing sector in the future
  • Case studies of manufacturing facilities creating revenue stream without disrupting production output
  • How Energy Efficiency projects can create cost savings and generate revenue
  • How process manufacturers should consider their energy assets as risk management assets

Listen to the webinar replay here

Power Impacts Profit: Using Baseball Lessons to Build a Winning Energy Strategy

Presented on 08/08/19

Simple but strategic changes in your approach to energy management can equate to a 20% improvement in price. This fun and unique presentation will use baseball as an analogy to define how buyers should think about energy management, including a strategic approach with company goals and market conditions in mind.

Through a series of case studies and examples, webinar attendees will learn about the following topics:

  • How to narrow the focus and constrain risk
  • Optimizing your portfolio within and across regions
  • Tracking and communicating the value or savings
  • Adapting to a changing landscape

Listen to the webinar replay here

Drive Savings and Results with Modern Energy Management

Presented on 07/25/19 

The most innovative energy, sustainability, and facilities teams in the country are utilizing software to modernize their approach to energy management. Yet, the vast majority of leaders in the space are still manually collecting utility data in spreadsheets.

Join this important webinar to learn how Juniper Networks is leveraging energy data with modern energy management practices. You'll hear first hand from Layla Monajemi, Senior Energy Manager, at Juniper Networks and Karen Becker, VP of Marketing at Lucid who will explain how leading companies are overcoming the trouble with manual utility bill data collection tactics.

Listeners will learn how automating utility bill data saves time, money, and helps you achieve your targets sooner. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions of both presenters.

Listen to the webinar replay here

Integration Innovation: The benefits of distributed energy resources for your business

Presented on 07/11/19 

Distributed energy has evolved. No longer restricted to on-site solar panels or backup generators, it has been elevated by software intelligence, multi-faceted systems, and expanded capabilities. All this creates opportunities for businesses to find their own distributed energy solution.

 A solution that leverages electricity markets, brings greater control over energy cost and assures electric supply even in an era of more powerful and more frequent storms.

 Listen to our panel of energy experts discuss the evolution that is bringing customers greater control of their energy supply.

Listen to the webinar replay here

Corporate Renewables 2.0: How the Evolving Energy Market Affects Your Business

Presented on 05/13/19

The market for corporate renewable energy is maturing.  As it does, it introduces new considerations for companies to weigh as part of their overall energy procurement strategy. New providers, new products, and new opportunities mean more complexity and potential risk—even for experienced buyers.

In this webinar, we’ll examine how this evolution has the potential to impact your business. What do you need to consider when evaluating your renewable energy and clean technology choices in a 2.0 world?

Topics will include:

  • How price parity in green and brown power is resulting in market convergence
  • What product structures are emerging – and the considerations for each
  • Why simple solutions are attractive – but not always the best for the buyer

Listen to webinar replay here

Keys to building a solid business case for an energy management system

Presented on 04/11/19 

Still on the fence about purchasing an Energy Management Information System to manage resource data? The time to act is now. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an organization will see on average 4% reduction in energy use one year after installing an EMIS and an average of 19% in savings after 4 years.

You’ll walk away with a free ROI calculator to find your potential savings and creative ideas for getting budget for your next energy reduction project.

Listen to the webinar replay here

 Solving the 5 Biggest Challenges in Carbon and Energy Reporting

Presented on 03/14/19

Facing rising scrutiny from regulators and investors to demonstrate strong ESG performance, today’s businesses need access to reliable, comprehensive data on their portfolio-wide sustainability performance. However, capturing and reporting the data needed to satisfy these requirements is often easier said than done. Many organizations rely on a variety of independent standards and surveys and struggle to connect the dots and paint an accurate picture of their portfolio’s performance. Join us for a live webinar that will discuss the five biggest challenges in carbon and energy reporting—and how to solve them. During the session, we’ll review:

  • The business case for increasing sustainability investments
  • The five biggest challenges for reporting accurate sustainability performance
  • Successful approaches that have solved those challenges even with limited resources

Speakers include Peter Perrault, SMCP, Sustainability Practice Lead, Global Customer Solutions,
Enel X

Listen to the webinar replay here

Improving Profitability and Reducing Emissions with Energy Infrastructure-as-a-Service Programs

Presented on 02/28/19

Leading businesses have focused on energy efficiency for years as a method to reduce costs and maintain a competitive advantage.  Many are now learning they can partner with others who will own, operate, and maintain their energy infrastructure enabling them to make valuable investments in core operations.  Sound interesting?

Attend this webinar to learn what is driving leading companies to consider long-term energy infrastructure-as-a-service agreements to improve their profitability while reducing their carbon footprints.  We’ll explore how they plan to utilize this new frontier for outsourcing to improve reliability, modernize systems, reduce costs, and meet their sustainability commitments.

The webinar will cover:

  • Improving your infrastructure by removing single points of failure, replacing aged and inefficient equipment, and re-designing your systems to meet current needs.
  • Moving the traditional point of service boundary from the “utility meter” to “inside the plant” including energy conversion and delivery assets such as boilers, chillers, air compressors, and electrical switchgear.

Speakers include George Plattenburg, strategic business development, Duke Energy One and Brian Walser, managing director, Walser Solutions Group.

Listen to the webinar replay here

Dispatchable Dollars: How Demand Response Creates Revenue Opportunities for DER

Presented on 02/14/19

Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including storage, are proliferating the world of energy management in a big way. Today, these assets are primarily implemented to provide operational resilience and demand management; however, additional opportunities are rapidly evolving. As intelligent application of DER assets increases for commercial and government sectors, the opportunity to leverage these same assets into revenue generating channels also increases.

Through programs like demand response, your DER assets become vehicles for saving and earning, which increases ROI, shortens project payback periods or helps fund other energy projects, all while providing greater support for grid reliability.

Join DER and storage experts from CPower Energy Management and Stem to learn about:

  • The evolution of DER as a mainstream asset
  • Market drivers for DER growth and opportunity
  • Planning intelligent DER and Demand Response integration
  • How commercial orgs. have added 30-50% to the value of DER projects by using flexible infrastructure, such as storage, to participate in DR programs like DRAM in California

Listen to the webinar replay here

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