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Energy and Manufacturing Productivity — Ideas for sustaining balance in the US industrial sector in 2019 and beyond 

To be presented on 08/22/19

 2019 marks the tenth straight year of growth in the US economy. The US industrial manufacturing sector is expected to produce hefty performance numbers in line with those it has posted during its successful run in recent years.

While times are currently good for US manufacturing, the sector’s current and projected energy spends over the coming decade are cause for concern.

In this webinar, CPower’s experts discuss the energy-related issues affecting the US manufacturing industrial sector and explore demand-side energy management options aimed to help manufacturers offset soon-to-be rising energy costs without sacrificing their productivity.

You will learn:

  • How changes to energy prices and economic factors may impact revenues in the manufacturing sector in the future
  • Case studies of manufacturing facilities creating revenue stream without disrupting production output
  • How Energy Efficiency projects can create cost savings and generate revenue
  • How process manufacturers should consider their energy assets as risk management assets

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