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Dispatchable Dollars: How Demand Response Creates Revenue Opportunities for DER

To be presented on 02/14/19

Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including storage, are proliferating the world of energy management in a big way. Today, these assets are primarily implemented to provide operational resilience and demand management; however, additional opportunities are rapidly evolving. As intelligent application of DER assets increases for commercial and government sectors, the opportunity to leverage these same assets into revenue generating channels also increases.

Through programs like demand response, your DER assets become vehicles for saving and earning, which increases ROI, shortens project payback periods or helps fund other energy projects, all while providing greater support for grid reliability.

Join DER and storage experts from CPower Energy Management and Stem to learn about:

  • The evolution of DER as a mainstream asset
  • Market drivers for DER growth and opportunity
  • Planning intelligent DER and Demand Response integration
  • How commercial orgs. have added 30-50% to the value of DER projects by using flexible infrastructure, such as storage, to participate in DR programs like DRAM in California

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Improving Profitability and Reducing Emissions with Energy Infrastructure-as-a-Service Programs

To be presented on 02/28/19

Leading businesses have focused on energy efficiency for years as a method to reduce costs and maintain a competitive advantage.  Many are now learning they can partner with others who will own, operate, and maintain their energy infrastructure enabling them to make valuable investments in core operations.  Sound interesting?

Attend this webinar to learn what is driving leading companies to consider long-term energy infrastructure-as-a-service agreements to improve their profitability while reducing their carbon footprints.  We’ll explore how they plan to utilize this new frontier for outsourcing to improve reliability, modernize systems, reduce costs, and meet their sustainability commitments.

The webinar will cover:

  • Improving your infrastructure by removing single points of failure, replacing aged and inefficient equipment, and re-designing your systems to meet current needs.
  • Moving the traditional point of service boundary from the “utility meter” to “inside the plant” including energy conversion and delivery assets such as boilers, chillers, air compressors, and electrical switchgear.

Speakers include George Plattenburg, strategic business development, Duke Energy One and Brian Walser, managing director, Walser Solutions Group.

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